Swimming at Devil’s Lake State Park

Swimming at Devil's Lake State ParkDevil’s Lake State Park has two very large sandy beaches, each with a bath house. Lifeguards are not provided. These beaches are located on both the north & south shores of the lake. Devil’s Lake normally maintains a very comfortable swimming temperature from Mid-June to Late September. Pets are not allowed in public swimming areas.

Picnic areas, grills and children’s play areas including climbing gyms and slides are located throughout the park.

Editor’s Comments & Tips

  • The north shore beach & picnic area are often very crowded. Especially on summer weekends & holidays.
  • When north shore parking fills, you will be sent to the south shore beach area.
  • The north shore gets the most sun.  South shore beach area can be shaded until mid-day, however the sun lingers late on south shore.
  • The south shore has many of the same amenities as the north including shelters, concessions, boat rentals.
  • The south shore beach area tends to be more rocky. Aqua-socks are not a bad idea.
  • Unmanaged pets are more often an issue on south shore as well.

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