Pewit’s Nest

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Pewit’s (sometimes known as “Peewee’s” nest) is natural gorge cut by a small stream called Skillet Creek. It is similar in many ways to the more well-known Parfrey’s Glen to the south-east of Devil’s Lake State Park. Pewit’s is between 30 and 40 feet deep and the trails are not maintained. The walking trails take you over the deep gorge instead of through it. If you visit use extreme caution. There are no railings!

Pewit’s is located about 2 miles south-west of Baraboo on Country W.  (This is the road you must turn onto from Highway 12 to enter Wal-mart.) The natural area is open to the public from 6am to 8 pm.

Parking is very limited.  Cars MAY NOT park along the road, those parking there may be fined or towed.

Special Notice: An increase in awareness has caused a surge in visitors to Pewit’s nest bringing with it a lot of damage to the natural enviroment. We ask everyone who visits the area to respect the land, don’t camp, do not light fires, or leave garbage in natural area. Cliff diving is dangerous and is not advised.

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Photographs of Pewit’s Nest

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