Scenic Drives

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If you’re one of those folks who love to see the world out the windshield of your car or from the seat of your Harley (Hey, this is Wisconsin after all!) we’ve got some road trip suggestions that will take you from Baraboo out into the beautiful and winding rural routes and Rustic Roads of  the Baraboo Hills region, then bring you right back to the park in time for supper.  These are some great top-down summer drives, but come back and do them in the fall as well. They are at their best when fall colors are at their peak!

Explore The Baraboo Hills

The “Baraboo Bluff Drive” takes you over the highest peaks of the Baraboo Hills and offers some spectacular vistas along the way.  This loop also gives you a few opportunities to get out a hike if you want to spend some time outside the car.  Great choice to see Wisconsin’s Fall colors as well.

Classic Rural Wisconsin

This Scenic drive is a wonderfully picturesque 40 mile loop that can make for a fun family road trip any time of year. Along the way you’ll view old country churches, rustic cabins, wildlife and farmscapes surrounded by rolling hills, stone cliffs & amazing sandstone formations. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit Natural Bridge State Park, have your picture taken on the “Devil’s Chair” and stop by the Mid-Continent Railway Museum.

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