While powerboats and jet skis are not allowed on Devil’s Lake (electric motors only), there are some great options near by.

Lake Wisconsin – The closest access to water for power boats would be the 7197 acre  Lake Wisconsin just a couple of minutes away from the park.  Boaters can launch from the Moon Valley boat launch and enter into the lake from there.  [Google Map] The parking area is not very large and can fill during busy weekends.  There is a small convenience store on Hwy 78 near the landing and another small shop at the landing itself. Please be advised that if this is your first time on Lake Wisconsin you should use caution.  Shallow spots with snags, the Merrimac car ferry cables and the low sections of the railway bridge are all potential hazards.  For more information click here.  You also need to be aware of fish consumption advisories when it comes to Lake Wisconsin.

Lake Delton – Lake Delton is in Wisconsin Dells about 20 minutes away.  This 249 acre lake has a maximum depth of 16 feet and only 2 public boat landings.  Lake Delton is very popular for powerboats, Jet skis and fishing. The lake also shares the water with Dells Ducks and can be hazardous during busy summer days.  Use caution. For more information click here.

Mirror Lake – Mirror Lake is located near Wisconsin Dells within Mirror Lake State Park, again about 20 minutes from Devil’s Lake.  The lake has 2 public boat landings, one within the park itself and one further west.  To use the landing within the park you will need a Wisconsin state park sticker.  Mirror lake has many low wake and popular paddling areas, so boaters should be aware of the regulations specific to this lake.  This is not a lake for jet skis. Click here for more details.