Mobility Permit

Occasionally someone with mobility disabilities will mention that they wish the could get up onto the bluffs at Devil’s Lake State Park.  Well, this may actually be possible according to a rule in the WI. Admin Code.  There are 2 very rough roads to the top of the bluffs. One leads directly to the main overlook on the west bluff.  You would certainly need a vehicle with clearance or some other option to get up the hill, but if you think you have a way, you can apply to get the gates opened for you.

Mobility Device Access Application and Permit for Department Lands

Under s. NR 45.05(3)(d), Wis. Adm. Code, the Department of Natural Resources may authorize by permit persons with mobility disabilities to use a mobility device as a mode of personal conveyance on lands owned or managed by the department. To apply for a permit, complete and submit this form and provide proof of disability to the property manager for the property you intend to access.

You are encouraged to contact the property manager to discuss your application prior to submitting this form. Each permit applies only for the particular Department of Natural Resources (DNR) property identified. Separate permits issued by the relevant property manager are required for use at each individual property. This form may be mailed or sent electronically directly to the property identified. Call DNR Customer Service (888-936-7463) for a property’s mailing or email address.