Merrimac Preserve

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merrmacpreserve-headerThe Merrimac Preserve Trails are managed by the Riverland Conservancy and basically add another 13 miles of trail to the south east corner of Devil’s Lake State Park and includes a 3.2 mile section of the Ice Age Trail as well.  The Riverland Conservancy, Inc. began in 1997 as Wisconsin Power and Light Stewardship Trust, Inc. and changed it’s name in 1999 Riverland Conservancy, Inc. While the conservancy manages land in various areas they continue to focus on the 1,800 acres that make up the Merrimac Preserve.  The preserve which is made up of forest, prairie, savanna, wetlands and streams provides an important wildlife corridor between the Baraboo Bluffs and the Wisconsin River to the south.  On the southern border of the preserve, Gallus Slough which is a shallow marsh connecting to Lake Wisconsin hosts an amazing diversity of waterfowl and other wildlife.

All the trails within the preserve are easy hikes and none are more than 3 miles in length.  All the trails loop except for the Ice Age Trail section which extends the trail east, then south from Rozos Meadow within Devil’s Lake State Park itself.


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Photos From The Merrimac Preserve

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