Grottos Trail

Grottos Trail - Devil's Lake State Park

Difficulty: Easy

Why Hike It? The secret of the Grottos Trail is not only that it’s an easy hike at the foot of the bluffs, but that it is lined with cold air sinks called Grottos. Cold air from under the rocky talus fields on the bluff, drops down into these grottos created wonderful, air-conditioned hideouts on hot summer days.

Description: A wide, wooded, easy-going, compacted travel path along the base of the south end of the East Bluff connecting Balanced Rock Trail, Potholes Trail, and the CCC Trails. (.7 mile, approximate hiking time 1.25 hours) Accessible from the east end of the South Shore Picnic Area or the Group Camp parking lot. It is also possible to create a loop by combining the Grottos trail with the Group Camp Trail which connects the CCC parking lot to the South Shore beach area. (Check the trail map)


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