Devil’s Lake has both warm and cold water fisheries. Each year the DNR stocks the lake with Brown trout. Browns are taken mainly on small minnows or spinners of the steeply dropping east and west shores. You will also find Walleyes which are stocked, and Northern Pikes. Easy access fishing is available along the south shore of the lake where it is possible to fish just off the sidewalk.  Please not however that power boats are not allowed on Devil’s Lake.

Depth Map

Fish Found In Lake

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
Brook Trout
Common Carp
Northern Pike
Blacknose Dace
Spottail Shiner
Spotfin Shiner
Mimic Shiner
Bluntnose Minnow
Fathead Minnow
White Sucker
Yellow Bullhead
Brown Bullhead
Channel Catfish
Burbot, Lawer
White Bass
Smallmouth Bass
Largemouth Bass
Gree Sunfish
Rock Bass
White Crappie
Black Crappie
Yellow Perch
Iowa Darter
Johnny Darter

(The trout and carp are not native)