East Bluff Woods Trail

East Bluff Woods Trail

Difficulty: Easy To Moderate

Why Hike It? Avoid the stairs to get to the top of the East Bluff! A East Bluff Woods trail also follows a rocky stream with various spots to sit and enjoy the the sounds of the woods and water. The trail is wide and easy to walk and usually much less crowded than the East Bluff Trail.  East Bluff Woods is also a much easier hike up or down in darkness.

 Description: The East Bluff Woods trail is entirely wooded and starts out easy and flat then gradually climbs until reaching a final steep gravel incline.  At the top of the incline you are basically on top of the bluff and a short walk from various overlooks and Devil’s Doorway.  (1.3 miles, approximate hiking time 1.25 hours)


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