East Bluff & Ice Age Trail

East Bluff of Devil's Lake State Park

Difficulty: Moderate

Why Hike It? If you can only hike one trail in the park it should either be the East Bluff Trail or West Bluff Trail. Great views from atop 500 cliffs on either route. The East Bluff Trail is the main route to popular rock formations.

 Description: The East Bluff Trail is a medium (for some, difficult) hike to the top of the East Bluff when beginning from the north shore. The asphalt trail uses stone steps to climb to a variety of overlooks. The first is just above Elephant Cave by Elephant Rock.  From here, the trail continues its undulating path up and down and around the quartzite outcrops with many spectacular views along the way before intersecting with the Balanced Rock trail on the south end.  From here the trail continues east. This section connects to Devil’s Doorway and the Potholes Trail before ending at the CCC trail. Again, you’ll see amazing overlooks and rock outcrops and cliffs along the way. Watch for Turkey Vultures! Depending on when you turn back, the hike can go from 1.5 to 3.5 hours.

Many visitors simply hike up to the first outlook near Elephant Rock and return. This short “look” will be about 1 hour.

Note: Must of the trail is only wide enough walk single file and can be congested during peak use.


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