Public Shelters

Red Oak Shelter - Devil's Lake State ParkThere are two enclosed shelters and three open air shelters available for rental at Devil’s Lake State Park. There are also five other non-reservable shelters at the park. Seven shelters are at the south shore area and three shelters are at the north shore area. Each reservable shelter has electricity and tables. Shelter capacities vary from 40 to 100 people. Some park facilities and services (buildings, water, restrooms, concessions, camping areas) are closed during the off-season (about October 15 – April 15). Shelters are available for rental from mid-April to October 31.

Reservations may be made up to 11 months in advance of your event. For all reservations, use the Facility Rental Reservation Form [PDF]. Reservations may be made in person, by mail, e-mail or via telephone. If calling in a reservation, be ready to provide the information requested on the form. Vehicle admission stickers are required on all vehicles. For more information, please contact the property office. Shelter reservation rules.

Shelter Details Below

Rock Elm Shelter (North Shore/Reservable)

Rock Elm Shelter - Devil's Lake State Park

The C.C.C./Rock Elm Shelter has electric lights and outlets. Restrooms and showers are adjacent to the shelter. Has a woodstove, wood must be provided by shelter users. Shelter has 10 tables inside for a seated capacity of 40 people. This shelter is located at the east-side bathhouse on the North Shore, just east of the Chateau building, on the lakefront. Fee: $80

Sugar Maple Shelter (North Shore/Non-Reservable)


The Sugar Maple Shelter has no outlets or electric lights. Restrooms are accessible, no showers. At the outside of each of the two separate overhangs there is a 36” X 24” grill on a pedestal. Each overhang is 18’ X 18’ and will each accommodate up to 6 tables. Capacity is 20-25 people per side. Located on the north shore west beach just before the Tumbled Rocks Trail. Building is on the lakefront.

Red Oak Shelter (South Shore/Reservable)

Red Oak Shelter - Devil's Lake State Park

The Red Oak Shelter has electric lights and 4 outlets on the north wall and a large grill outside. Restrooms are adjacent to shelter, no showers. Has a fireplace and a furnace, wood must be provided by shelter users. Size = 60’ X 35’. There are 27 tables for a seated capacity of 108 people. Nearby outdoor picnic tables may not be brought inside. This shelter is located on the lakefront, adjacent to the South Shore Concession. Fee: $100

White Pine Shelter (SS/Reservable)


The White Pine Shelter (Telephone Pioneers Association) has electric lights but no outlets in open shelter area. Has a 5’ X 2’ grill on pedestals at the south end of the shelter. Restrooms are to the back of building with separate doorway to handicapped accessible facilities, no showers. At the center of the east side of the shelter, there is an indoor kitchen/food service area with a window and counter that opens to the shelter for food distribution. Inside this area a counter with a double kitchen sink extends ¾ of the length of the wall, with the deep sink located in the right corner of the room. There is no refrigerator or stove in the kitchen area. There is one 4 plug outlet and one 2 plug outlet above the sink counter. Size = 50’ X 30’. The shelter has 20 tables and 2 wheelchair accessible tables. Capacity is 80-100 people under cover; more if the group spills out into the ample lawns nearby. This shelter is located just south of the South Shore Contact Station near the playground area. Fee: $55

Red Cedar (SS/Non-Reservable)

Red Cedar Shelter, Devil's Lake State Park

Open shelter in the south shore picnic area, near the pine trees, railroad tracks and Balanced Rock trailhead. This accessible Shelter is located near a year-around restroom.

Shagbark Shelter (SS/Reservable)

Shagbark Shelter, Devil's Lake State Park

The Shagbark Shelter is identical to nearby White Pine/TPA shelter. Fee: $55

White Oak Open Shelter (SS/Reservable)


The White Oak Open Shelter has electric lights and outlets inside the shelter. Has a grill located in the shelter. Restrooms are to the back of the building, no showers. The shelter will accommodate 8-10 picnic tables. Capacity is 70 people. This shelter is located at the south shore picnic area near the parking lot furthest to the left (west). The shelter is located at the lakefront near the south shore boardwalk. Fee: $45

Tamarack Shelter (SS/Non-Reservable)

Tamarack Shelter, Devil's Lake State Park

The Tamarack Shelter has no outlets but has electrical lights. 36” X 24” grill on a pedestal. Restrooms are accessible but no showers. Handicapped accessible facility. Size = 30’ X 30’ and will accommodate 8 picnic tables. Capacity is 75 people. Located towards east bluff from the south shore contact station. Proceed to the parking lot furthest to the right and shelter is toward the Balanced Rock trail just before the bird mound. Shelter is on the lakefront.

White Birch Shelter (SS/Non-Reservable)


The White Birch Shelter has no outlets or electric lights. Has a 36” X 24” grill on a pedestal. No restrooms at shelter but within walking distance. Handicapped accessible facility. Size = 25’ X 35’ and will accommodate 10 tables. Capacity 80 people. Sand volleyball court adjacent to the shelter (50’ away).

General Rules

Parking and shelter hours are limited to 6:00am to 11:00pm (park hours). Keys for locked shelters may be picked up on the day of your event at the North Shore Visitor Center. A drop box is available at each of the shelters for key return at the end of your event.  The person making the reservation is responsible for general clean up and care of the facility and shall ensure compliance with all applicable state statutes and state park and forest rules. Any decorations should be temporary and completely removable. Staples, pins, tacks, paper and tape must all be removed after use. All visitors must carry out their garbage and recyclables. Please bring adequate bags/containers to enable you to take your garbage and recyclables with you. No tents set up outside shelter without prior approval. No bands or amplified music are allowed. Pets are prohibited in and around all shelters. Electrical use at applicable shelters is limited as outlets are easily overloaded with multiple uses.