Park Rules & Regulations

Here are your basic “rules to live by” At Devil’s Lake State Park. We may have missed a few here and we encourage you to pick up a copy of the “Official Devil’s Lake State Park Visitor’s Guide” in one of the park’s visitor centers. The park paper is available in April or May of each new year.

  • Pet Regulations

  • Open Hunting Rules & Regs

  • Camping

  • Gasoline Motors are not allowed on the lake. Electric Motors only, maximum of 5 mph, no wake. Life preservers are required for all boating, including rubber rafts.

  • Watch the noise. You must be quiet enough not to disturb your neighbors. Quiet hours strictly enforced. Use of Radios, etc., are prohibited during quite hour.

  • All State of Wisconsin Fishing Regulations apply at the park

  • Keep the park clean. You will be fined if you litter.

  • The park closes at 11pm. Only registered campers may be in the park after 11pm. Campers may not set up between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

  • Rollerblades are restricted in many areas of the park. Ask a ranger where they are permitted.

For more information about park rules and regulations please call the park directly at 608.356.8301