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Source: U.S. Climate Data

Park Weather Tips

  • Beaches are located on the north, and south-east shores of the lake. This means that at certain times of day/year each beach will receive different amounts of sun at different times of day. The north shore beach is by far the most popular and soaks up the hot summer sun all day, however if you want to capture the last rays of the sun the south-shore beach is the best late afternoon bet.
  • Wind is common on Devil’s Lake. The high bluff walls can actually accelerate the wind on the lake’s surface. On windy days it is easy to find yourself being blown further out into the lake than you may have intended.
  • The bluffs block out the horizons from the beaches and the lake making it difficult to see oncoming storms. If there are concerns about severe weather be sure to check the forecast, don’t expect to see a storm until it’s arrived.
  • Hikers on top of the bluffs should be wary of lightning as it is more likely to strike in these higher areas. In case of thunderstorms it’s a good idea to be down off the bluffs if at all possible

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