Over 3 million people visited Devil’s Lake State Park last year alone. sees over 1.4 million visits each year as well. People come to the park for the day, the weekend, a week or more.  But, they don’t stay at the park.  They shop, dine & explore just like you & your family do when you are on vacation. Now, the problem is that if they don’t know what’s available in our community or even if stores are open, they will often take the path of least resistance, the one that bypasses Baraboo on the way to Wisconsin Dells where they can assume they’ll find what they are looking for.  Well, that’s why it’s so important that we help them find our local businesses while they are still “window shopping” their vacation from home.  This is the best chance we have to visitors decide to stay local, by giving them all the opportunities we can to stay right here.

At we offer 2 main opportunities to reach out to our visitors,  Image Ads and Feature Listings.  Image ads come in 3 sizes and are offered by page or topical sections of the website.  Ads are sold annually and do not rotate. Just like our readers, we don’t want noisy advertising but constant useful information. Image ads can start as low as $325 per year. Banner and “Box” ads include a Feature Listing and Featured sidebar link at no additional cost!

Feature listings are offered on directory pages and allow our advertisers to post up to 2 photos (or logos), contact information, text descriptions, social media links, website link and even a video! Feature listings start at $225 per year. ($275 for lodging)

For more information contact Derrick at Skillet Creek Media by email at or by phone at 608-381-0428.