Biking at Devil’s Lake State Park

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Bicycles are only allowed on the Uplands Loop and a connector trail which provides about 8 total miles of bike trail at Devil’s Lake State Park. The Steinke Basin Loop section of the trail offers some medium effort sections on occasionally mowed grass trails, but cyclists will soon find themselves climbing over 200 feet to ride the fairly challenging top of the Uplands Trail. Dirt, mud, loose rock & gravel, ruts, embedded boulders and fallen trees can create potential hazards on sections of the trail. Cyclists also need to be mindful of hikers and their pets (Regularly off-leash.) who use this trail as well.

Map showing elevation changes along the Uplands trail loop.

Map showing elevation changes along the Uplands trail loop.

Even on peak summer weekends, you can be almost alone on portions of the Uplands Loop, however you do need to be aware of hikers & pets that could be around any tree or blind corner. All Devil’s Lake State Park Rules apply. (Only the Uplands & Connector trail are open to bikes.) Cars parking at Steinke Basin still require a State Park Admission Sticker.

Mirror Lake State Park

Mirror Lake State Park also has a variety of bike trails of varying difficulty. For cyclists who prefer staying on black top, the rural roads outside Devil’s Lake that travel through the Baraboo hills are very popular, but again, they can be challenging due to the hilly landscape.

Family (Flat) Biking

The best flat family biking experience nearby would be about 15 miles away on the 400 State Bike Trail. The trail begins in Reedsburg and heads north to connect with the Elroy-Sparta Trail.  You do need a Wisconsin State Trail pass which can be purchased at the Reedsburg Trail Head.

400 State Bike Trail

Deer on the 400 State Bike Trail

The City of Baraboo’s Riverwalk also provides about 3 miles of paved bike/hiking path along the Baraboo River which begins about 1 block west of Circus World and runs below Ochsner Park.

Baraboo Riverwalk Map