The Friday Wrap (Feb 9, 2018)

The Friday Wrap (Feb 9, 2018)

Light, fresh snow has fallen overnight here in the Devil’s Lake region. We couldn’t ask for a better lead in to tomorrow evening’s candlelight snowshoe & hike at Devil’s Lake State Park. In fact, the snow is still falling on the Devil’s Head Resort Snow Cam this morning!! This weekend will be our best opportunity get outside and play in the snow all winter!

Candlelight Snowshoe

First, let’s cover the big event. The park’s Candlelight Snowshoe/Hike is tomorrow, Saturday, Feb 10, from 6-8: 30 pm.  You can go on a self-guided hike/snowshoe through the park on a trail marked by tiki-torches. There will also be a big warming fire and the stuff to make s’mores.  If you have your own snowshoes, bring ’em along or if you don’t that’s OK too, you can borrow a pair free. There are lots of sizes to fit everyone in the family.  It’s always best to arrive early to make sure you get the shoes you need.  Everyone will gather outside the Rock Elm shelter on the park’s north shore and don’t forget that you will need a park sticker or daily pass for your car.  The event is sponsored by the Friends of Devil’s Lake State Park.

Ski?  Well, you can but the trails won’t be groomed for it and there will be lots of folks “post-holing” 🙂

The Weather

This weekend it looks like it will be snowing on and off and it will be pretty chilly on Saturday with highs only in the teens.  This means you should dress for much colder temperatures if you’re going on the Candlelight Snowshoe Saturday evening. Sunday won’t get much better temperature-wise but we might see a little sun.  Remember, when you’re out hiking or snowshoeing the trick is to manage sweat. If you sweat, you freeze. Wearing layers and wicking materials is key to being comfortable outside in the winter. You should avoid cotton (Like blue jeans) and thin everything. Warm insulated boots with a good tread are also a must outside in Wisconsin & of course at Devil’s Lake State Park. Here’s the forecast.

The Trails

Wed, Feb 7, Steinke Basin Trail

Wed, Feb 7, Steinke Basin Trail

As-per-usual in the winter, the trails on the bluffs are snowcovered and hazardous. Cleats are a good idea. The fresh snow makes things a bit riskier in that you can’t always see the steps and deep gaps between the rocks up on the cliffs can be hidden as well. Steinke Basin, Johnson Morain & The Uplands trails will be great for snowshoeing with around 7″ or more inches of snow in some locations. You can certainly ski these trails now, but keep in mind that the trails are not maintained for skiing. I heard that the Steinke Basin trail would be dragged before the weekend, but no promises.

Mirror Lake Ski Trails

Mirror Lake Ski Trails Tuesday AM

Mirror Lake Ski Trails Tuesday AM

I was over and checked out Mirror Lake State Park’s ski trails and they were in perfect condition right before last night’s snow.  If you want to get out and ski, head over to Mirror Lake State Park.

If you need to rent gear, check out Wildside Action Spots in Baraboo.

Hate Cold & the Snow?

OK then, well, you could go downtown to the historic Al Ringling Theatre on Saturday to see “Lawrence of Arabia” in classic style at 1 pm or 7 pm.  Nothing like sweeping scenes of a vast desert to warm you up!  Actually, T.E. Lawrance had a great quote for the outdoor type, “The trick, …is not minding that it hurts.”  Keep that in mind next time you walk through wild raspberries & Japanese barberry… 🙂


… The Wrap

So that’s about it this week.  If you missed our collection of “Critter Cam” snow clips, check it out here. We also talked about a proposal going around to put ATV/UTV trails on the park’s South Bluff.  You can read more here & check out everyone’s comments over on Facebook.

Have a fun weekend, stay warm, be safe!

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