Holiday Check In

Holiday Check In

It’s -8 degrees out there at the moment and it’s not going to warm up all that much here in the Devil’s Lake area between now and New Years Day. Although it’s cold now, we still had open water on the lake last weekend so even walking out on the ice in some areas is a pretty risky proposition. I’ve read one report from south shore saying there was about 4″ right along the shore and less than 2 inches just a few feet out. We would certainly NOT recommend going out on the ice yet. Especially around the messenger creek inflow near the south shore boat landing.

Ice Thickness Safety

Ice Thickness Safety Chart


If you’re brave enough to want to head out on the trails during this holiday cold snap, keep in mind that gun deer hunting is also going on in our area, including within Devil’s Lake State Park through Jan 1. Your best option is hiking the trails right around the lake itself. These include the East & West Bluff trails, East Bluff Woods, Tumbled Rocks and the Grottos trail on the south shore. Keep in mind that the trails may be slippery. Be careful on stairs and cliff edges.


While it’s true that you can borrow free snowshoes at the Devil’s Lake State Park nature center, you won’t be able to until we have more snow on the ground. We really need about a 3″ base of snow on the ground to make snowshoeing worthwhile. Any less snow and you risk damaging the snowshoes. As of today, Devil’s Lake has less than an inch of snow. If we get the predicted 1-2 inches of snow on Thursday (Dec 28th), it most likely won’t be enough for snowshoeing.


Saturday’s Winter Star Park has been canceled as the forecast is for -10 temps without the wind chill. This event will be rescheduled. The First Day Hike on Monday, January 1st from 3:30 – 5:30 pm will go on as usual!  Dress warmly for that one!  Click here for details

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Well, I think that’s it for today. I hope everyone had a great holiday and we’ll see you at the First Day Hike. Remember, if you have any comments or questions, just post here, email or use the socials… Facebook/Messenger, TwitterInstagram… Stay warm, and be safe!

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