New Park Pass Kiosk on South Shore

New Park Pass Kiosk on South Shore

The park pass kiosk (“Iron Ranger”) is up and running on Devil’s Lake State Park’s south shore day-use entrance. This means you can now purchase your daily or annual Wisconsin State Park sticker automatically. Hopefully, this will make it easier for folks to get a daily pass when the office isn’t staffed.

The new Iron Ranger is one of 3 automated pay stations that will be going up around the state as a test of the automated systems now used in other parks around the country*. Iron Rangers not only have the potential to save the park system money but should increase overall revenue by being “on duty” at all times as well as by accepting credit cards. Both features should help problems we’ve seen in the past with empty envelope boxes and visitors without cash simply choosing not to pay admission when there is no staff on hand. What’s more, the automated system allows folks to purchase annual stickers at any time as well which has been shown to increase sales in other states that use the system.

The process is pretty simple, you just drive up to the kiosk and purchase your pass through a straight-forward interface and go.( If you purchase an annual pass you will receive a recipe that can be exchanged at any DNR location that sells passes for your sticker. )

It’s great to see the new kiosk come online. Just one thing though; The kiosk offers audio and “Change Language” options. Given Devil’s Lake’s large number of Spanish speaking and international visitors, I decided to checkout what language options were available…

English is currently the only option?

One Option: English

It seems that currently if you choose the “Change language” option, you have one choice, “English”.  My hope is this is just a temporary glitch with a new system…

* Iron (Ranger) Lives!

**Just a reminder, is owned by Skillet Creek Media and is not associated with the Wisconsin DNR in any way. My opinions do not represent those of the park or the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


    1. photon1116

      Tourists BEWARE!

      I was fined for using one of the unattended parks around Baraboo and not obtaining a day pass.

      The sign of notification of this was VERY tiny and I didn’t notice it. If a person does see the sign, They will have to drive miles to get a sticker. By that time what’s the point of visiting the park? Let the unattended parks be free then.

      I am retired, poor, and a resident of Wisconsin. This land BELONGS to the residents of Wisconsin, and as such they should not be the victim of entrapment by their own or any other state. The fine may be small for those who make a lot of money, but it is significant for My budget. I pay plenty of taxes in one way or the other to the State of Wisconsin & should not be treated this way. As it is, it’s a nice way to ruin an otherwise beautiful day.

      1. Author

        Hey Jim,

        Sorry to hear this. I can’t speak for the park service, but normally you don’t get a fine. The park gives out “Courtesy notices” which simply ask you to either mail in the fee or go to any park office to pay for the sticker within a couple weeks. Personally, I’d love to see park fees incorporated into our license plate fees as is done in some other states, then we could do away with stickers for WI residents altogether. I’ve also proposed that annual park stickers should be free to anyone who collects SSI. Won’t happen, but I agree that parks should be made more accessible to people with modest incomes.

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