End of Season Clean Up This Sunday, Nov 5th

End of Season Clean Up This Sunday, Nov 5th

Join volunteers this Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm at Devil’s Lake State Park to help clean up the park after a long and busy summer! Volunteers will clear up trash, work on trails, block social trails and more. Just show up at the park ready to go, and head over to the front of the Chateau to register. This is a fun social event and a great way to break a sweat!

As you can imagine, with over 3 million visitors and just a handful of staff, volunteers have become the only way some maintenance within the park can get done at all.  This is certainly something that needs more discussion…

This volunteer event is hosted by Good Land Guides.  Thank you.


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  1. Beth

    You can pre-register at goodlandguides@gmail.com.

    Here is what I received upon registering:
    What to bring: We are asking everyone to bring gloves and large trash bags. Make sure to wear clothes that you are fine hiking, working, and getting dirty in! Please also bring food and a reusable water bottle as well.

    Your location: When you show up and check in, our staff will give you options for volunteering! Trail maintenance, litter clean up, campground maintenance, and invasive plant removal are just some of what is on the list!

    Start Time & Check In: Check in will begin at 10:00am next to the North Shore Building. You’ll see our tables and staff ready to help you out with maps and direction.

    Other Information: Good Land Guides is working hard to make this event as smooth as possible. We are more than excited that you are here to help us out! We will be taking donations to help make all of our future Good Land Guides volunteer days as best as they can be. Our next volunteer day will be in the spring time, so stay tuned for that coming up day!

    Thank you and we can’t wait to work with all of you!

    1. Author

      Beth, thanks for sharing that info. Pre-registering is great, but at this point certainly not necessary. Folks who want to help can just show up as I said. Weather may become a factor as well. My suggestion is that volunteers come dressed for wet weather and flexible because rain could change priorities.

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