Dumpsters Go Here

Dumpsters Go Here

In addition to the boathouse, more ground is being covered to create a new platform for the park’s dumpsters right next to one of the park’s historic Native American linear mounds.

A Moments Discussion…

Even a simple concrete garbage area or boathouse can potentially impact many people and interests which is why it is important that we ask questions and that the public is fully aware of not only new buildings but other projects as well. How millions of visitors experience our park, our state and our community can be irreversibly impacted with just the turn of a shovel. Not to mention historical and environmental concerns.

When it comes to building a new boathouse at Devil’s Lake, something I support mind you, I would love to hear more about how the location was chosen. Personally, I hadn’t realized how close these new projects are to a historic Native American linear mound. I can only assume there was a proper, modern archeological study done. (The fact that there is currently a small utility road there doesn’t guarantee a proper study had been done in the past.) There was an interesting case in Iowa a few years back where, in the zeal to build a multi-million dollar boardwalk, the NPS overlooked doing the studies and found themselves looking at a costly “Undo”. I invite you to read this 2014 article.

I’m also curious how many people were consulted about the location given that it will certainly change the look at feel of the park’s north shore. The process seemed a bit rushed from a public point of view. Back in the day, when the park chateau was built, it was controversial because it would impact park visitor’s view of the lake. (I think it’s fair to say now that practically everyone loves the chateau.) Yet, adding another building will add more “clutter”. How does the public feel about that? Did we really find out? Were they offered a clear vision of how the change would impact the north shore? These days, we have the ability to have an architect or artist do mockups that would give the public a good overview of the look and impact of any new building. It wouldn’t have seemed out-of-line to have placed an artist’s rendering in the 2017 park paper with a form, email, and link to an online survey. Then after publishing the results, set in motion the request for the variance.

Is it all “much ado about nothing”? Probably. Often though, I find that the more information you share up front and the more opinions you gather, the fewer questions people ask later.

Boat House Foundation

Recycling Area Foundation adds another footprint in addition to the boathouse.

Ref: WI. State Journal, Sept 22, Also See; Boathouse or Adventure Center Sept 26

DISCLAIMER: For the purpose of full disclosure, I personally lead private, commercial hiking tours within the park through Devils Lake Adventure Hikes, but due to the nature of what we do, I do not expect to compete with Devil’s lake Concession Services.

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  1. Kevin Olson

    Late in September, you ran an article about the planned boathouse, with info on how to submit comments to DNR in regards to a required ‘waiver’ for the boathouse. Comments were due sometime in November. I submitted a comment, but just a few days later, before the comment period even ended, I got news from somewhere that a contract had been awarded for construction of the new boathouse. So much for public input. As for the location, the only info I could find back in Sept, when I submitted my comment, was that it’d be ‘across from the Chalet’.

    I love Devil’s Lake and spend a lot of time there and will continue to do so with or without a new boathouse. I don’t know enough about the new boathouse, even now, to have an opinion. But I do know that the inside of the Chalet has been turned into a trashy looking trinket and t-shirt shop. I sincerely hope the new boathouse doesn’t become another extension of the trashy commercialism that’s taken over the Chalet.

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