Critter Cam Video Clips!

It’s #WildlifeWednesday! And a great time to see what’s happening with our trail cameras at Devil’s Lake State Park.

A couple weeks back I decided to switch a couple of our critter cams within Devil’s Lake State Park over to video.  Our critter cams have been capturing pictures of the park’s wildlife since 2015 and occasionally, we just can’t be sure what we’re seeing in those stills. My hope is that having the cameras take 10-second clips might make it easier to identify those occasional mystery critters. Hilariously, the first clip I got was of a young deer sniffing, huffing and fogging up the camera!

Even identifying animals in a video clip can be a challenge! The clip above obviously a coyote. (Well, I hope we all agree with that!) We’ve caught her on this camera a few times, but this was the first time she got so close. Last week, when I posted a clip to Facebook of what I think is the same coyote running in and out of view on the right side of the frame, readers weren’t so sure. Was it more mysterious than I thought? Some thought it was a bobcat, some said deer and even a cougar was mentioned! Well, I’ll stick with the coyote. You can see both clips along with a darn big buck and that curious, sniffy deer in the October mix below.  October!?!?!?  It’s Almost Halloween! Watch out for Ghost Orbs!!!

Each Wednesday I’ll be sharing a Devil’s Lake Critter Cam Clip over on Facebook, so be sure to follow along if you’re curious about what we’ll find.

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