For as long as we can go back into history we know Devil’s Lake has a reputation for monsters from a Native American legend of a green, seven-headed dragon to our local cousin of the Loch Ness Monster. But did you know that someone once swore they saw an alligator in the lake?

According to the “Wisconsin Roadside Guide to Mysterious Creatures” by Chad Lewis, a 1901 article in the Milwaukee Journal told the story of Emerson Lewis who saw a creature in the water with 4 legs and a tail that he swore was an alligator! Of course of all of the monster stories I’ve heard over the years, this one at least identifies a recognized animal. Well, even if someone tossed a gator into Devil’s Lake in 1901, it wouldn’t have survived the winters. Still, you may want to take a second look before blindly diving into the lake!

Check back for more local monster and ghost stories as we head toward Halloween!


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