Inside Elephant Cave!

When folks hear that there is a “cave” at Devil’s Lake State Park, they obviously think it’s a cave, cave… the kind you can walk into with stalagmites and stalactites and such. Well, no. Elephant Cave located on the north end of the East Bluff Trail is more a sort of a hole in the rocks, a gap between old rock and newer rock created by an ancient sea, but that’s another story!

I can’t count how many kids I’ve heard over the years asking their parents if they can go into the cave and when they do, they soon realize that there is not much back there but a small hole. Well, a small intriguing hole that brings up all sorts of other questions.

What’s in the hole? Are there snakes in there? How far back does it go? Do cave trolls live there? Well, I went up there this summer and put a GoPro on a stick, so you could have a look!  The dark area is the back of the cave.

This doesn’t mean there are NOT cave trolls, maybe they just went home I checked.



  1. maryw

    DERRICK U SEEM TO BE VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE ABOUT DEVILS LAKES TRAILS,,,,, we were thinken of going down this week-end and trying thee sauk trail,,ice age trail,,,but I want to bring our dog,,,,Do u know if that trail is ,’ok” for dogs,,,no jagged boulders rocks fields to cut up her paws etc??We ran into one of the fields over at Baxters,,my god I thought it would never end..hubby ended up picking up the dog,,whilst trying to balance on boulders,,soo she wouldn’t cut up her paws,,Soo I kinda want to check before I say the magic words,,”car ride,””,,,maryw

    1. maryw

      Seriously??,,,have u ever gone down forest drive??We got lost big time,,in there four 4 hours,,finally came out by the power lines,,,Had to call the cops to get a gps location on our phones,,for it was dark out,,went in like at 5 pm for a short walk,,,dahhhhh,,,but anyhow,,,it would be south east of the power lines on the east side of forest drive,,NOTHING BUT A BOULDER FEILD,,,FOR LIKE 5 ACRES,, we couldn’t get around for nothing,,,Which is how we got lost,,,but yes their are boulders in Baxters,,,off of forest road,,on thee east side of the road,,,,,but any how,,is thee ice age trail by ,”sauk” ok for dogs,,,maryw

  2. Author

    Weird. We’ve hiked that trail from forest and ended up all the way back down on the south end.. It must be off the official trails… Anyway, Sauk Point Trail does go through few small boulder fields about 2/3rs of the way toward Parfrey’s but nothing I wouldn’t take my dogs through.. But it’s a personal preference of course.

  3. maryw

    Ok thanks,you,,,,Yea we took what we ,”thought,” was a short cut back to the car at Baxters,,,for it was getting dark,,dahhh on our behalf,

    There is a whole rock line in Baxters back there,forest drive east side,,,at thee end of that rock ledge,just above it,,,was this ,”boulder field,” were lucky we didn’t break our dam legs,,NEVER go into the woods w/out a compass or gps again,,,maryw,

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