Fall Colors Report for Oct 4 – 9

Fall Colors Report for Oct 4 – 9

Don’t let our featured picture fake you out! We’re still a week or so away from peak color but for everyone who will be coming to the park over Columbus weekend, you’ll still be able to find a few amazing trees to take those selfies by!

The Wisconsin Fall Color report currently says we’re less than 25% color. Generally, that’s true. The weakness of the Department of Tourism fall color report is that they simply can’t take in the many micro-environments here in the Baraboo Hills.  In fact, if you just stand back and look at the bluffs or pretty much anywhere in the area, you’ll see exactly what they are reporting, much less than 25% color. Below is a shot taken a couple of days ago from the top of the park’s south bluff. Awesome view, but not a lot of colors! In fact, many trees on the bluffs are just going straight from green to brown this year. It’s fair to say that the extended warmth and lack of an early frost is playing havoc with the fall color this year.

South Bluff Pano - Devil's Lake State Park

South Bluff Pano – Devil’s Lake State Park

However, you shouldn’t let the general report discourage you if you’ve already planned to come to Devil’s Lake for the upcoming weekend. (Columbus weekend is always a busy weekend at Devil’s Lake State Park!) In certain areas, you’ll see some great colors. At least enough to fill a camera frame! We’ve watched all week as the amount of yellow and orange has indeed increased around the area. At Devil’s Lake, the most color is still by the North Shore parking lots. The trails are mostly still green while in some areas they have already gone bare! Crazy!

If you’re going to be out driving around, we found good islands of fall colors in the higher elevations of the Baraboo Hills. Our Baraboo Hills scenic drive would certainly offer some color this weekend as well.

So we’re not at peak yet, but if you were going to be here anyway… You’ll still find some nice color popping up around the park and the Baraboo Hills.

Here are some more pictures from the area to give you a good idea how it’s looking out there. 


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  1. maryw

    Yea we were there last weekend ,,and my hubby and I were kinda surprised at how much ,”summer,” was left down there..Still a lot of green,,thru-out the woods..Now 45 miles north,,our leaves are down,,we can see thru our own woods,,,,Weird how only 45 miles north,,,the temp is about 10 degrees cooler and our leaves are almost done,,,maryw

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