Guide To Devil’s Lake Bouldering

Guide To Devil’s Lake Bouldering

Bouldering at Devil’s Lake State Park isn’t as some folks think, just climbing up the rocky talus fields to the top of the bluffs. It’s actually a sport akin to free solo climbing, where participants solve bouldering “problems” without the aid of ropes. A “problem” is the path that a climber takes on the rock in order to complete the climb. Unlike climbing routes, problems are usually less 20 ft. in height.

Bouldering within the park has been continually growing since the 1950s and today with hundreds of problems established, it’s great to see such a fantastic guidebook make available. DEVIL’S LAKE BOULDERING features over 900 problems and contains access routes, photos, maps, historical information and more.

DEVIL’S LAKE BOULDERING is available locally at Wildside Action Sports in Baraboo.


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