Critter Cam Check! Shakin’ The Trees!

Critter Cam Check! Shakin’ The Trees!

It’s time to check in again on Devil’s Lake State Park’s Critter Cams! And no, I don’t know what those raccoons are doing!

So through the months of August and September, we got a variety of shots from the many cameras set up around the park’s more wild areas. We’ve got big bucks, possums, foxes and more. Let’s start with a few of my favorites.

The photo at the top of the page features 2 raccoons looking like they are about to shake down a couple of trees in unison.  The previous shots to this one, show the raccoon at right waiting for the second one to walk over and get in place on the other tree to the left… What happens next?  I don’t know, this was the last shot in the series!

The shot below is a bit of a mystery, but I think we have it nailed down. Given the size and approximate distance from the camera, we’re betting it’s a flying squirrel! Do you agree? What do think it might be?

Flying Squirrel or ghost?

There was a nice selection of deer on the cameras in the last couple of months including some nice bucks! (Nope, we don’t share locations!) Click on any image to enlarge them.

One of our newer locations is frequented by a coyote. It has been captured every time we go to check the photos. Usually, it’s running by in a big reddish blur. It did manage to slow down a bit for this night shot.

Devil's Lake Coyote

Devil’s Lake Coyote

Lastly, let’s look at what we have from our old standby by, “Porcupine Cam”. The camera where we’ve captured just about everything BUT a porcupine! Each month we get over 100 raccoon and squirrel shots from this camera as it seems to provide a home for some big families. However, if we’re patient we’ll see everything from foxes to fishers roaming by. Here are a few of the most recent photos…

The Devil’s Lake Critter Cam Project is a cooperative project with the Devil’s Lake State Park Nature Center. Photos from DNR cameras have been labeled as such. Thank you!

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  1. maryw

    Tis week-end we took a path down by Burma all the way to the badger ammunition place…Went up on their platforms,,u could see all kinds of birds,,woodpeckers,,hawks,,warblers.Those platforms are nice for birding.Not to mention those who are older who need flat surfaces,love the roads.I can see it being used by bikes,or older folks w/handicaps,balance issue,wheel chairs,,,using that pavement,,,to be able see the beauty of Devils lake..Also had a opportunity to speak w/2 rangers…A guy and a women,,I must say,,,as a ,’older generation,” I was impressed by their deamner.They were respectuful,curious,and human..Which normally,jmo,,u get those younger ones in uniform,,its all about control,,,These 2 rangers were decent people 1st ,DNR,SHOULD be proud of them.They treated the ,”public,,’ well,good communication skills,respectful & personable,,maryw

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