Fall Color Report, Week of Sept 25th

Fall Color Report, Week of Sept 25th

So the story in 2017 is that colors will change earlier than normal this year. Others are saying that this will be a dull color year due to heavy rains causing the trees to just “give up the ghost”. Well, I always think an image is worth a thousand “experts”. 🙂

Normally we see our peak colors sometime between the first and third week of October here in the Baraboo Hills. Weather is an important factor, but it’s not the whole story either. In the Baraboo hills, we have all sorts of micro-environments as well. South facing hills, deep cool valleys, open areas, deep woods etc., each with their own “peak”.

Fall color 2017

The first place we see a real color change at Devil’s Lake State Park is around the parking lots and the open areas of the campgrounds where trees are exposed to more sunlight and probably stressed more being surrounded by pavement. These trees are changing fast now. Some are even past it already.

Most other areas including the north shore entrance road, the bluff faces surrounding the lake, and the outlying hiking trails are all still pretty green. It’s fair to say the weekend of Sept 29-Oct 1, will NOT be the peak weekend. We’ve got a couple of weeks to go yet.

Check in right here next week for another local update and photos for the next report. You can also follow us on Facebook & Twitter for more fall color info, photos, events and more.

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  1. maryw

    Up here in Adams county,,were WAY futher ahead then u guy.We were just down your way yesterday and I was amazed on how much more leafs u guys still have on the trees,,and their green..My woods are almost gone already,,I never noticed before,,but their is literally a temperature difference once u hit just south of the dells,,,Were about 5-10 degree cooler up inAdams then u guys,,,Lodi is like little gallopagos,,,But anywho,,,couldn’t of ask for a nicer weekend in late semptember.Your colors jmo,,,are JUST STARTEN,, ours further north a littler are almost gone,,,jmo,,maryw

  2. Author

    Right, there is certainly a temperature/weather boundary that runs through Wisconsin Dells. Interestingly though, we just came through LaCrosse and it was about the same as here.

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