On Edge

On Edge

Falls will continue to be part of the Devil’s Lake State Park Story. I snapped off a quick shot from Devil’s Doorway on Saturday (Sept 23rd) and if you take a bit of time to look, you’ll see that a few of the young women in this shot are on the edge. At least one (sitting knees up) is just an off-balance moment or accidental bump from oblivion.

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been traveling and visiting some of our favorite national parks out west including Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP and others. Just like Devil’s Lake, these parks have all sorts dangerous drops and sketchy ledges. They also deal with visitors who are often unaware that they are on a razor’s edge between a great day and their last. Thing is, there is only so much a park can do. The best hope is education, just helping folks be more aware of the risks.

The reason for this post, however, is in response to a message I received while we were on the road. One reader sent me a picture he said was of the young man who fell to his death near Devil’s Doorway earlier this month. I wrote about the fall in an earlier post here. According to the sender, the photo was taken just moments before the man fell. The young man was sitting on a rock near the edge opening a snack. Pretty standard Devil’s Lake photo if you didn’t know what happened moments later. I’ve seen people sit on that particular rock many times over the years. All you need to do is lose your balance when standing up or sitting down, and that’s it. There’s no room for error. It was a hard photo to look at and one I certainly wouldn’t share here. Thing is, if you look at any of the photos taken by millions of visitors over a hundred years or more, you’ve already seen the photo. Usually what happens next is, they stand up, jump over the gap and continue on with their day. Just like everyone in the photo below.

On The Ledge at Devil's Doorway - Click To Enlarge

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  1. maryw

    U know,,I have been fortunate enough to camp in every state accept Alaska and hawaiie…As a kid,,when we would go out west,,,ie,,Grand Canyon,,,my father always,,,ALWAYS,,,,told us 6 kids,,,NEVER EVER GO NEAR THAT EDGE,,,U GO NEAR THAT EDGE U’LL BE SITTEN IN THE TENT ALL NIGHT,,,,and HE told us that as he explained,,that that rock could come loose,,the soil from hangen on the edge could come loose,,soo ALWAYS NEVER-EVER GO NEAR THAT EDGE!!!!,, till this day,,i don’t,,,maryw

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