We’ve talked a lot about the care and upkeep of Devil’s Lake State Park on this blog over the last few years. Given that Devil’s Lake State Park is Wisconsin’s most visited and funds a large portion of our park system, it’s only right that the park gets the premiere treatment when it comes to maintenance, general care, and customer service. Let’s hope we’ve finally turned a corner…

Men's Restroom in the Chateau

Updated Men’s Restrooms in the Chateau

From the campground’s upgraded showers to the north shore’s widened entrance road, the park has been getting some long over due TLC. Right now, you’ll find the north shore chateau wrapped in white as workers prepare to replace the siding, a job that’s been put off for some time. Interestingly some of this delay was simply down to our local bat population. With cave bat numbers crashing, it’s important to wait on construction until the bats that have lived in the chateau’s attic for generations have raised their pups and moved out. Sadly this year, there were very few bats to even wait for!

Devil's Lake Camper Tram

Is it time to get the old “Camper Tram” and shuttles out of retirement?

Certainly, there is a long way to go when we talk about caring for the park. We’ve got janky trails to fix, trees to clear, parking issues to look at long term and facilities that are not keeping up with crowd numbers. There are conservation issues that are getting out of control and didn’t someone say that the retaining wall on north shore “will be stained light brown with some purple added to it to “make it look more natural.” But all-in-all, it is clear that Devil’s Lake State Park is getting some long overdue attention. For all the political turmoil that’s been going on in recent years, concerns about budgets and debates over rangers v wardens, the refocus on the park’s facilities and customer service in 2017 suggests that despite legitimate concerns, there are plenty of people out there who care and things may be looking up.



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  1. Guinevere Mathey

    I can tell!! I’m so impressed with all that is going on! As a park guest who brings a trash bag up the trails with me to pick up garbage every time I hike, I couldn’t be more proud of the efforts that are taking place. Way to go! I know its not easy getting things done with little or no budget.

    So this is a truly heartfelt thank you from someone who is in awe of Spirit Lake EVERY TIME I am there (which is dozens of times a year). It is my favorite place on earth!

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