Hwy 12 Bypass Means New Route To Devil’s Lake

Hwy 12 Bypass Means New Route To Devil’s Lake

In the next few days, the long awaited Highway 12 bypass will open on the west side of Baraboo. When this happens, drivers coming in on Highway 12 from Madison or Wisconsin Dells will need to rethink their route to Devil’s Lake State Park. The easy answer? Take Exit 219 and follow the brown signs!

Take Exit 219 to Devil's Lake State Park

Take Exit 219 to Devil’s Lake State Park

So from what I know today, the new Baraboo Hwy 12 bypass from Ski Hi Road to Terrytown Road (Essentially the main section around the city of Baraboo.) will be opening Saturday, August 12th or soon afterward. Timing depends on the contractors. Either way, it will be open soon. Along with the changed route to Devil’s Lake State Park will come changes to road names as well. Because we don’t know exactly which day and because your Google & Siri maps won’t catch up for awhile, I’ve created the Google map below to help you out. (The blue line is the New Highway 12. The new primary route to the park is in dark green.)

As you can see, once the new bypass is open, drivers will not be able to access the old highway 12 from the north or south. Access to the old highway will be closed on both ends. You will simply follow the brand new bypass until you take exit 219 east toward Baraboo. You will exit into a roundabout and take the second exit (Go straight) until you reach an intersection and return to the old highway 12. (You’ll see a KFC on your right.)  At the stoplight, you will turn right and follow the old Highway 12 (Soon to be labeled Hwy 136) south. After about a mile, you will turn left on the old Hwy 159, (which is to also become Hwy 136). Confused? Yeah, the name changes will take a while to set in, but the map is pretty straight forward!

I wish I could give you an exact day to expect the changeover, but we can’t be sure at this point… Suffice to say, if you end up on the new Highway 12 bypass in the next few days… TAKE EXIT 219 and follow the signs! 🙂

For more information visit the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s US12/Baraboo Bypass Project Page.

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