Critter Cams Check for July, 2017

Critter Cams Check for July, 2017

It’s been a while since we’ve shared some “Critter Cam” shots from Devil’s Lake State Park. Summer can be a slow time for trap cameras because wildlife seems to move around a bit less and they are busy raising their young. It’s also a lot harder to get to the cameras with everything wet and overgrown. The upside is that we’ve still seen a lot of wildlife!

Let’s start with “Porcupine Cam”. That’s the camera we set up to catch a porcupine that we’ve seen signs of in the park. This would be a great capture since there have not been any recorded sightings of porcupines in the park for a very long time. So far, the “porky” has us got us skunked, but the camera has been producing a lot of good captures.

As you see above a red fox has been hanging around. We got a few shots of the fox but it was constantly moving, so this was the best. We also captured critter babies! Check out the shots below of the baby raccoons and below that a shot of the blurry baby turkeys racing by. (We almost missed them!)

Racoon Babies

A family of baby raccoons!

Baby Turkeys Race By The Camera!

Baby Turkeys Race By The Camera!

Our “Coyote Bridge” cam captured a nice collection of shots earlier this spring in a wetland area in the bluffs. Shots included lots of deer, turkey, wood ducks and a coyote! Although not the clearest shot, my favorite was this deer caught in mid-leap!

Deer Goes Airborne!

Deer Goes Airborne!

Here are some more shots from the wetland camera…

We head into August with high hopes of what we might see. There have been 3 credible reports of bear scat found around the park recently. How cool it would be to back up those reports with a picture!?!?! We’ll see!

We’ve just ordered a new camera to replace the one stolen this spring. It’s really disheartening when something like that happens and it makes you feel like there’s no point in doing fun things when the world is full of people like that. On the other hand, I keep in mind the old phrase, “Don’t let the bastards” get you down!” With that in mind, I look forward to putting up the new camera!

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