Weekend Events? It’ll Be A Circus!

Weekend Events? It’ll Be A Circus!

Baraboo’s Big Top Circus Parade will be held this Saturday, July 22, 2017, kicking off at 11 am. If you plan on attending the parade, arrive hours early, plan to park some distance away and walk in. I’d also suggest bringing your own chairs, umbrellas, snacks, and drinks. Often once you find your spot on the parade route, it’s a good idea to stay put! The Big Top Circus Parade can be a lot of fun and excitement as long as you’re patient and prepared! For more information about the parade, route maps, parking maps and more, visit the official “Big Top Parade” website here.

PARK EVENTS – Now, if you’re not into circus parades or if you are afraid of clowns (Heaven forbid!!), the park will be open as usual and isn’t noticeably affected by the parade in Baraboo. On the other hand, it’s peak season and the park is always busy! There will be a variety of park events to keep you busy this weekend including the Friday & Saturday evening guided kayak tours and the kid popular Animal Feeding Day, Saturday at 11 am as well.  Visit our park events page for the full list.


FIND A TRAIL – Remember that each morning, Thursday through Saturday at 9 am, you can drop in at the Devil’s Lake State Park nature center for guidance when it comes to hiking Devil’s Lake’s trails. The “Find A Trail” program offers you a chance to ask about trails; Figure out what trails are suitable for the kids, which ones are the hardest, where the best views are, etc. The naturalist will also be able to give you tips about expected weather for the day, and how to stay safe and comfortable.

HAVE A STICKER? STAY RIGHT! – OK, so when you drive down to the Devil’s Lake State Park north shore visitor center, the road now splits into 3 lines.  The line to the right is for folks with stickers who simply want to drive through and go park. Yes, it’s a bit confusing at the moment but if you have a sticker and just want to get in.. STAY RIGHT.

WATER QUALITY – Update: Friday, July 21, 10:30 am. Water Quality Advisory Signs Have been taken down. Swimmer’s Itch notice remains.

Sauk Prairie Adventure Hike

SUNDAY PRAIRIE HIKE –  Sunday is our FREE Adventure Hike through the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area. This is a 5 mile, 6 hour hike that explores the “wilds” of the SPRA. This is an epic day hike from the southern end of the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area to Devil’s Lake State Park. We still have space for one or two people as I write this. If you’d like to join us you need to pre-register with me at mydevilslakehike@icloud.com. Go here for more details.


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