Volunteers Close Unofficial Singletrack

Volunteers Close Unofficial Singletrack

Volunteers from Wildside Action Sports in Baraboo took the lead in Wednesday evening’s effort to close down an unofficial singletrack bike trail that had existed within the park for some 3 in the Steinke Basin and East Bluff areas of the park.

While many people feel that a singletrack bike trail should be part of Devil’s Lake State Park’s master planning, this unofficial trail was not it. In fact, folks going “rogue” and building their own trails simply undermines legitimate efforts for the cycling community to advocate for a singletrack either within Devil’s Lake or the new Sauk Prairie Recreation Area on the southern border of Devil’s Lake. This is part of the reason local outdoor recreation leaders such Wildside Action Sports, are helping the park to repair the damage caused by this rogue trail.

From my standpoint, I see this as another effort to protect our public lands for future generations. This rogue trail wasn’t developed by putting the park first. It was causing erosion damage and spreading invasives deep into an otherwise “wild” area. Worse, folks had set up a campsite along the trail as well!  Not cool.

So thanks to everyone to came out to work on the trail. Thanks to Pete and everyone at Wildside of Baraboo! I didn’t get as many pictures as I’d like simply because I was putting up signs and carrying wood like everyone else. 🙂   And hey, if you want to see a singletrack in the Baraboo Hills.. speak up! Advocate and agitate, force the issue with the folks who can make it happen. But please, don’t trash the park. You make it harder for the rest of us.

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