A 3rd Lane??

A 3rd Lane??

Check out this new roadwork near the visitor information building at Devil’s Lake State Park! Could it be a 3rd lane??

It looks like there is some last minute road construction on the north shore of Devil’s Lake State Park before the Memorial Weekend holiday. Rumor has it that a new 3rd lane is intended to allow visitors with stickers to bypass the inevitable (and sometimes hour long!) backups at the sticker windows.


If the construction is completed by Friday afternoon, the holiday will certainly be a good test of the idea. Given that the entrance road is single lane most of the way into the park and only splits into two lanes just before the corner (photographed above), the new third lane may come a bit too late in the process to offer much relief to stacked up park visitors. Time will tell.  Still, for anyone who’s been stuck in the increasingly long summer lines, any attempt to solve the problem is certainly welcome.




  1. Joe

    Well thats really nice. I think that there is enough room on the north entrance road for two lanes using cones and a sign or two.

    1. Author

      Well, there’s a bike lane to consider as well, that’s why there’s only one lane.. Of course, the bike lane randomly disappears near the visitor office. 🙂

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