Tale of Two Beaches

Tale of Two Beaches

The big question is, are there still sand beaches after all the rain at Devil’s Lake State Park?  It depends on where you look!

Looking at the popular north shore area this morning (May 18th, 2017), there is certainly still some beach to be had. Although it’s hard to tell which is encroaching more, the water or the rental boats!

North Shore Beach

Meanwhile over on the south shore, it’s a different experience. The water is up to the retaining wall in the main beach areas. Along the boardwalk, you may find a little sandy hideaway in the trees, but not much.

South Shore Beach is Underwater

South Shore Beach is underwater!

As for what the summer will bring? Who knows!? While the park can pull water from the lake the process can’t compete with mother nature. You can expect high water to be the theme of the season. Well, unless the rain stops until.. .say August!

Secluded hide-a-way along the boardwalk. South Shore.

Secluded hide-a-way along the boardwalk. South Shore.

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