April Critter Cam Captures

April Critter Cam Captures

April at the Critter Cams captured some nice coyote shots along with local deer, raccoons, opossum and a super busy Fox Squirrel.

As I’ve said before, the camera we call “Porcupine Cam” is always full of activity. Each month I edit the hundred or so shots down to just a few. In April the busy Fox Squirrel and the racoon family accounted for nearly 200 shots alone!

Our “Badger Cam” was also busy as the browns of March transitioned into to the lush greens of April. I was really excited to get some nice daylight pictures of the local coyote.  We also got some nice deer shots, one contained 4 deer in a single shot.  A couple of times in April a turkey walked right in front of the camera!

We have another camera that is just simply to far from anywhere to check regularly.  We haven’t checked it since it was put up in February.  I hope to get out at the end of May to see what we’ve captured. We’re hoping for Bigfoot!

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  1. Deanna

    If you ever want volunteers to check critter cams, let me know. We like to get way, way off the beaten path.

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