Thank You Power Rangers!

Thank You Power Rangers!

A great group of park lovers joined park naturalist, Sue Johansen, on Saturday to restore some beauty to the park’s bridges and stream crossings which had become lost under a sea of brush, fallen trees and invasive plants.  Amazing what a few hands can do in a short time.  Just check out the before and after picture below!

Before After

Before and After of one side of one bridge…

By clearing out the brush and fallen trees we’re not simply clearing the area. We’re removing invasives such as Japanese Barberry and honeysuckle while protecting the native plants that were suffocating under the invasives. Soon the “open” areas will fill as the native plants again get their share of sunlight. Everything from ferns to wild geraniums will quickly fill in.

Of course we have a lot left to do (Including some bridge painting!). If you’d like to join us next time, simply keep an eye right here or contact the park naturalist to be added to the volunteer list!

Contact Sue Johansen, Park Naturalist
(608) 356-8301 Ext. 140

If you get out on the Steinke Basin trails over the next few weeks, take a moment to linger around the cleared bridges and streams and watch these areas transform now that they can breath again!

Thank you volunteers for giving of your time, being fun to hang out with and most importantly making a real difference!

More Photos!



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