Critter Cam Update – The Usual Suspects

Critter Cam Update – The Usual Suspects

Time to check in on our Devil’s Lake State Park critter cams! This time around I’m sharing a few pictures from March. March was actually a pretty quiet time on the cameras. Well, other than the snowstorm that triggered a hundred photos of snow falling from the trees!

Of course our “Porcupine” cam is always good for shot. We know a racoon family lives in this old pine. It has also been regularly visited by red squirrels, coyotes, opossum, flying squirrels and even a fisher!  This time around, we had lots and lots of photos of the raccoons. This was my favorite.

Racoon spy - Devil's Lake State Park

I see you!!

Meanwhile out at “Badger Cam” we caught a variety of white tailed deer and our resident coyote.  (Click on an image to enlarge)

We had high hopes for our 3rd camera which we called “Coyote Bridge” cam. It was near a stream, a pine grove, rock shelters and large oaks.  Yet over the winter we saw very little. A few whitetail deer, raccoons and one coyote racing in and out of the frame..

In the end, it’s always “hit or miss” with trail cameras. I’m sure there’s a lesson there. The lives of the many animals within Devil’s Lake State Park go on without us. Today we can observe, impact, impose or destroy them, but the cameras remind us that they have their own personal, independent and active lives as well. I think sometimes it’s easy to see wildlife as some form of entertainment, an inconvenience or a product. But modern research is fast opening windows into not only the daily lives, but the sentience of the other beings who share our world. The more we learn, the more we have to rethink our old assumptions.

My hope is that through opportunities such as our critter cams, we will better understand our local wildlife as independent beings who deserve a healthy home and environment just as much as we do. Devil’s Lake State Park is 10,000 acres of land that 3 million people visit each year. For millions of animals from crows to coyotes, Devil’s Lake is more than a place to play, it’s home.

Anyway, since our “Coyote Bridge” camera wasn’t seeing much action since January, we’ve moved it to another site in the park that looks interesting. The only problem is that it’s a long arduous hike to get there.  So we may not check that cam again until fall!


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