Watch Loons This Weekend

Watch Loons This Weekend

While you can find a few loons on Devil’s Lake right now, it is total loon madness on park lake in Pardeeville, Wisconsin right now.

Pardeeville, WI (Locally known of “Party” ville of course!) is about a 40 minute drive east of Baraboo/Devil’s Lake State Park. The small village has gained a bit of a reputation for birdwatchers over the last few years as large numbers of loons have gathered each spring in the small lake that surrounds Chandler Park.  It’s rare to see more than a few loons in one spot in southern Wisconsin, let alone 50 or more and that’s exactly what you’ll find right now.

Snoozing Loons

Snoozing Loons

The park is surrounded on 3 sides by Park Lake and while most of the time I’ve found the loons floating on the northern side of the park, they could be anywhere, so you need to look around a bit. All in all though, they are usually easy to find when they are there. And that’s the key, loons don’t stay around here all summer. They will only be in our area for a week or two to rest up before heading north for summer. We’ve spotted loons for about a week now, so this weekend could be your last chance to see the loons in our area for the year.

The best time to see (And hear!) loons is early in the morning just after sunrise or just before sunset but you’ll have a great chance to find them right now all day long.

If you go, be sure to watch for Osprey who will soar above the lake and then dive on an unsuspecting meal. They can be exciting to watch as well. Bring your binoculars!

Although Pardeeville is a small village, there are some amenities including a pizza place, a convenience store, a huge antique store and more. Of course, you’ll be at a park so why not pack a picnic?  Have fun!

Google Map (zoom out for location.)

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