Register Today! 2017 Adventure Hikes

Register Today! 2017 Adventure Hikes

REGISTRATION OPENED APRIL 3rd for our free guided adventure hikes! The 2017 introductory Adventure Series gives you an opportunity to go “off-trail” to see Devil’s Lake State Park’s secret places and special vistas.

The publisher’s of this website, Skillet Creek Media are offering these FREE hikes as an introduction to our new Devil’s Lake Adventure Hikes guided hiking service.

These half day/full day, hikes will be informal but can be physically demanding and are intended for people in good physical condition who are comfortable in the “backcountry”. To keep the hikes enjoyable, participation will be limited to 6 participants per hike (Must by 15 yrs old or above).

On Day One All Free South Bluff and Bear Falls Hikes Were Booked.

Remaining Free Tour Availability….

Sauk Prairie Rec Area

Trek Across The Badger Prairie (6mi) – Sunday, July 23rd, 2017* ( 4 openings left as of 4pm yesterday)

You’ve heard about our new recreation area on the southern border of Devil’s Lake? Now see it for yourself, by foot!  We’ll start our morning on the southern border of the new Sauk Prairie Recreation Area and cross the landscape to the bluffs in the far distance. (This is an all day hike.) Along the way we’ll see relics of the former Badger Ammunition Plant & the remains of farms and homesteads where folks once made their livings. Oh, and if you’re a birder, this one should call out to you!

Hidden Village

The Hidden Village (2 mi) – Sunday, Aug 6th, 2017* ( 1 opening left as of 4pm yesterday)

A thriving village once stood at the foot of Devil’s Lake State Park’s East Bluff. The village housed quarry workers and their families.  We’ll explore this old village seeing old foundations of their homes, and relics of their lives now scattered among the tall trees.  We’ll also explore the former loading docks now crumbling back into the earth before climbing our way back out of the valley and hiking back to our cars…

Registration Open Today (April 3, 2017)
I will take the first 6 and keep an alternate list for cancellations.

To Register or Ask Questions Click Here.


  1. All hikes are limited to 6 participants (15 yrs old or above). This is simply to maintain a safe guide ratio, and reduce impact on the land.
  2. During these physically demanding hikes, participants will be expected to wear the proper gear for these hikes including hiking boots & long pants. Hikers should be prepared for varied conditions depending on the hike including/but not limited to; rough ground, changing weather conditions, steep banks, rocks, mud, thorny brush, insects including mosquitoes, bees & ticks, snakes and other wildlife. Hikers should bring an ample supply of water, and snacks. For all day hikes, there will be a lunch stop. Pack a hearty meal!!  We will leave no trace, carry in, carry out.
  3. A list of suggested supplies & other important information will be given to registered 2 weeks prior to hike date.
  4. Hikes could be cancelled or cut short due to unforeseen issues such as particularly nasty weather.
  5. These hikes are in no way affiliated with Devil’s Lake State Park or the Wisconsin DNR.
  6. Although these hikes are free, all participants will be required to sign a liability waiver.

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