Area Trails Quick Map – Just Go Hiking!

Area Trails Quick Map – Just Go Hiking!

Looking for a new hiking trail? Here’s a “Down-N-Dirty” map of all the places you can just drive to, park and go hiking less than an hour (Within around 30 miles.) of Devil’s Lake State Park. This is a mix of State Parks, State Natural Areas, County Parks, Ice Age Trail sections and any other trail we could find. It’s your adventure, just pick a spot, search more info on this website or elsewhere if you need it, and get out there!

The main point is, there are many, many hiking opportunities less than an hour from Baraboo/Devil’s Lake State park. You just need to pick one, and go. *  Here’s a link to the full map.

Did we miss a trail?  Please share it below and I will add it to the list. 

*Park Stickers are required for some state & county parks.

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  1. Alice Lybek

    Springfield Hill Dane County Park and Ice Age Trail. . Ballweg Road on the west side of Springfield Hill, off Hwy 12 maybe 2 10’s of a mile.

  2. Peter

    Hi Derrick, you posted an article about making it back to Black Bear Falls. Where do you access that trail from and would the falls be flowing this time of year?

  3. Jim Haensgen

    Down and dirty area trails map is too small to read, making it useless. Would like to see this map in usable form. Nice Site though.

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