Reservations? Good News / Bad News.

Reservations? Good News / Bad News.

Updated: There are now only 10 non-reservable campsites at Devil’s Lake State Park.  All 10 are in the Quartzite Campground (Sites 1-10).  All other campsites within the park are now reservable. We’re still updating this new info on our site.

According to park manager, Steve Schmelzer, the change will Open more sites for campers who want to plan ahead and make a reservation...”, and of course, “Cut down on staff time involved in transfer/waiting list operations, phone calls about open campsites, and registering walk-in campers.”  If anyone has ever done the waiting list/site transfer thing on the weekend, they know how crazy that can get!

So what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?  It’s fair to say that even without the change, getting into the park without a reservation has never been an easy task.


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