Hike The Ferry!

Hike The Ferry!

Update: March 18th, The Merrimac Ferry is once again in service.

Original Post: Just about the time you learned the Merrimac free auto ferry was open for the season, it was closed again! As of this morning the ferry is still closed due to the sudden return of ice!

The Merrimac free ferry brings traffic across the Wisconsin River at Lake Wisconsin connecting the village of Merrimac with Okee, and by extension Baraboo and Lodi. For folks who live in the area, the ferry is vital service that when closed, sends people driving far out of their way when needing to get across the Wisconsin River in our area. It is also a local attraction in its own right and a popular part of any area auto, motorcycle and bicycle road trip. You will often find summer visitors parking their cars on one side or the other simply to walk on and ride the free ferry across lake Wisconsin and back again. Good times!

Ice Age Trail Wisconsin

Ice Age Trail Crossing Lake Wisconsin

What you may not realize is that the Merrimac Ferry is also a section of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, in our area connecting sections from Devil’s Lake State Park to Gibraltar Rock SNA and the Lodi Marsh beyond. “Hike The Ferry!” Anyone?

Looking at the weather forecast, temperatures are again crawling above the freezing mark in our area and hey, it’s mid-March, so chances are the ferry will be open again soon!

Stay tuned…


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