It’s A Bird’s Life In Necedah

It’s A Bird’s Life In Necedah

We often talk about Devil’s Lake State Park with over 3 million visitors, being a gateway to other Wisconsin State Parks and Natural Areas. For example if you continue north  from the park for another hour or so, you can get to the often overlooked and undervalued Necedah Wildlife Refuge. We’ve written about Necedah before, you can read that “Backyard Explorer” post here.

The folks up at the refuge have been posting that a variety of migrating birds have returned to their wetlands including endangered Whooping Cranes & Trumpeter Swans.  Something we get excited about each year.  Of course yesterday when we could finally drive up, the open water was refrozen and the local wildlife wasn’t looking all to happy about the return to winter. Still, we were able to see a pair of Bald Eagles on their nest, Whooping Cranes right from the visitor center, lots of ducks, geese and Trumpeter Swans!  After spending some time watching them try to land on the ice, it was easy to see why they would be just as sick of winter as we are!

Trumpeter Swan Landing


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