New Park Map Arrives!

New Park Map Arrives!

The new larger 2017 Devil’s Lake State Park map has arrived! The new color map is a big improvement over earlier years, with very clear indications of not only the trails, but the combination of state park, state natural areas and public recreation lands that make up the greater Devil’s Lake area. There is certainly no way you’ll miss the now dark, bold line of the National Ice Age Trail weaving its way through the park!

2017 State Park Map

The brochure itself has a lot of useful information about the park from camping rates and sticker prices to park activities and pet rules… AND includes an individual “frown upon” for Devil’s Lake’s own personal nemesis, in-line skates! (There’s a blast from the past!)  Ribbing aside though, this is a much better park map then we’ve had in years. It’s worth picking up when you visit.

Park maps are FREE and available at the Devil’s Lake State Park visitor center.


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