Speak Up On Pewit’s Nest!

Speak Up On Pewit’s Nest!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has put together a proposed management plan for Pewit’s Nest State Natural Area and other SNAs around the state and are asking for public comments. At Pewit’s Nest known for its overuse and popular cliff diving, the new plan proposes a stairway to designated overlooks and admission fees. You can read the Draft Proposal here.

To read, and comment on this, and the other dozen property proposals including nearby Ableman’s Gorge, Lost Lake  & the Lower Narrows Natural areas go to http://dnr.wi.gov/topic/Lands/MasterPlanning/tier3.html.

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  1. Jennifer Hoff

    I have lived here my whole life, it’s a beautiful area… with that being said there was something about swimming in farm runoff water was never really appealing to me, but none the less I don’t want to see this beautiful area get disrespected or people be hurt! Unfortunately when things are trending it’s not always for the benefit of what they’re going they’re really for and that’s the beauty of it all it’s not a place to party!

  2. Tina

    Please leave these natural areas natural! One of the greatest things about Pewits best it’s the natural esthetic. I understand that this may prevent some people from enjoying its beauty, but as it was pointed out it is overused as it is. We I first started enjoying Pewits nest it wasn’t a popular hiking destination. In the 10 years since I have seen the number of people growing and the result has already been a loss of nature. Partly due to people’s inconsideration for nature, but also because of ‘improvements’ that have been made, like widened trails and an enlarged parking lot (I feel the smaller parking lot may have deterred some people and kept foot traffic a bit lower). I feel like it’s best to leave nature natural. I wouldn’t be opposed to paying a state park/natural area fee for it. Especially if it meant trash cans, but don’t agree with look out points and stairway installations! Please leave these beautiful areas alone and spend the budget elsewhere!!

    1. Nic Stage

      Installing more defined trail markers, stairs, and viewing platforms is what would keep the area natural. People crawling all over wherever they please is what’s harming the area. I agree that stairs and viewing platforms aren’t as nice to look at compared to the natural environment, but the last decade has made it clear that most visitors aren’t going to respect the place.

  3. Tyler

    One of the other comments puts the timeline at 10 years. Hell, I’ve been going here only 5 years (just moved to Baraboo) and it has gotten so bad and so destroyed that my family no longer visit it because it makes us so angry. I miss the old trail being almost overgrown and the pure nature of the area. I think a $100 out of county pass (annual) needs to be implemented, and a $50 local pass (annual). I’m willing to pay it. Day passes are $75 no matter what. Take that money, clean up the area, let it grow over again, pay a full time security/ ranger with tickets and cuffs, and pipe the runoff water somewhere else. Really tired of all the trash and stuff ruining our area.

    PS: This is coming from a non

  4. Danny

    Close it up /seal it off /whatever it takes. It’s too far gone now.
    Let it sit and recover for a few years and hope that people forget and move on to the next natural place that social media has whored out.

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