Still Need A Campsite?

Still Need A Campsite?

If you are still looking for a campsite and everything at Devil’s Lake State Park is booked, don’t feel too bad. It’s pretty standard, especially if you haven’t tried to get a campsite at Devil’s Lake before. By February (Well, much sooner…), most peak dates and weekends are full.  You can try Mirror Lake State Park too, but you’re best bet are the many private campgrounds in the area.

Even some of our private campgrounds get booked up pretty quickly, but if you take some time and work through the list you probably will find a campsite for the dates you’re looking for.  Our private campgrounds page offer’s a lot of great choices that are mostly near by and all have some nice amenities including everything from cabins to yurts to pools, playgrounds and private fishing ponds.  It just takes a bit of digging.

Click here to get started!

Be sure to click on the “Show More Information”, “Show Video” and “Show Map” links in each listing to get the full picture!!

And of course  Good Luck!!

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