Treacherous Trails

Treacherous Trails

After several reports of bumps and bruises and a rescue call yesterday (Feb 20) on the West Bluff it seems worth a reminder that even with the warm temps recently, the trails can still be ice-covered and slippery.

The photo above was taken this morning on the Tumbled Rocks trail. While much of the trail is ice-free, there are sections like the one in the photo, that are super slippery and hard to navigate. I’ve come across a few areas where you simply can’t get any bite on the wet ice with shoes or boots. It’s often hard to find a way around as well. In addition to the ice, the black top trails and rock stairs (Especially on the East & West Bluff trails.) can be surprisingly slippery when wet.  So all in all, you really need to be cautious out there this time of year.

Icetrekkers by @yaktrax

As I’ve said before, we recommend wearing cleats or at the very least having them along to slip on for the icy bits. Right now when we’re out on the trails we’re carrying our Icetrekkers by YakTraxs. They are certainly a bit expensive, but over the years they seem to stay on and hold up over time.  And the investment is much cheaper than a visit to the emergency room!

With temps looking to head back down at the end of the week, I’d plan on the trails remaining on the slippery side in the near future.

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