Coyote & The Mystery Cat? Critter Cam Check!!!

Coyote & The Mystery Cat? Critter Cam Check!!!

Beginning in January we’ve added two new locations to our Devil’s Lake State Park “Critter Cam” collection. One of the two has really been producing for us, lots of deer, turkey, coyotes and a mystery cat… Um, animal… We’ll get to that one at the bottom of this post!!

First let’s have a look at one of our old standbys we call “Porcupine Cam”.  The Porcupine Cam was set up on the eastern side of the park in an area where we found lots of distinctive signs of a porcupine in the area, including tracks. Still, the old porky hasn’t shown up on the cam.  What does show up are lots and lots of raccoons!  By the looks of it, there is a family living in the hollowed out tree you see in the background. We literally have hundreds of night shots of these guys going in, out, up and around this old tree. I was happy to finally get a day shot this time around however…

Raccoon at Devil's Lake State Park

Raccoon at Devil’s Lake State Park

We’ve also learned from this and other cameras in the park, that where you find raccoons, you’ll often find foxes.  We regularly get foxes visiting this old tree as well.  (Just click on one of the shots below, to enlarge it!)

We also saw an opossum at the tree. It’s a wee bit blurry… he must have been moving!

Devil's Lake Opossum

Devil’s Lake Opossum

The last capture from “Porcupine Cam” this round was this wonderful coyote. I didn’t even see her hiding there next to the tree. (top/left). I’m lucky I didn’t delete the shot. I wonder what she’s looking at??

Coyote at Devil's Lake State Park

Coyote at Devil’s Lake State Park

As I said above, we set out two new cameras in January.  I set one up where I found lots of tracks of various animals all walking the same path. In nearly 2 months, we didn’t get one critter!  The camera was working and caught me walking away and coming to retrieve it, but nothing in between! Drat!

Our second camera which I call “Badger Cam” got some results including deer, turkey and another coyote!  Click an image below to enlarge the picture.

And finally we come to our “mystery animal”!  We’ll we’re actually pretty sure this is bobcat. Could it be coyote? It’s possible, but putting everything we think we know together we’re leaning toward the cat. There are some clues to body shape in the pic that don’t quite say coyote. In addition, there have been various sightings recently and I’m told 2 were sighted very close to this camera location in last couple of months.  Well, our hope is that whoever it is  will pass by the camera again soon… any maybe not so close.. Better yet, in the day time!!

Bobcat at Devil's Lake State Park


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