Your Next Adventure is a Walk in the Park!

Seeing the south bluff vistas in winter is pretty dramatic. Getting there and back this time of year is quite the adventure!

You may have heard about our planned 2017 guided adventure hikes at Devil’s Lake State Park. Our guided hikes offer opportunities to get off the beaten path, see some unique spots and hear some new stories.

The south bluff hikes are going to be popular, we have an all day hike on the calendar but I wanted to get up and scope out a couple overlooks for a half-day guided hike as well. Snowshoeing up through 6-8 inches of snow is probably a bit more challenging than our spring & fall hikes will be, but you’ve got to admit, it’s beautiful!

** Remember, we have an exclusive set of totally free Devil’s Lake guided adventure hikes coming up this year. Registration begins April 3rd. Click here for details.  


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